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Licenses and contracting.

Years ago when the counterfeit and fake steroids started to ruin the industry. We made the buyers aware of that fact and we started to teach the members via  the messageboards to check the available information on the product and the boxes and leaflets.

What is a license, lets take Sustanon from Organon in the Netherlands as an example. Sustanon is a brand name for a combination of four different estrifications of testosterone. It was meant as a medicine for men with low endogenous (made by their own body) testosterone . Thus mostly older men. These men had to come to their doctor for frequent injections. Not really convenient for both. Thats why scientist started to prolong the effect from testosterone by adding an estrification. Because HRT (hormone replacement therapy) aimed on a balanced bloodserum value without to much peaks, they made that mix of different esters. It was a big succes througout the world and many countries wanted to use this drug for its male population. The brandname Sustanon, Sostanon and Sustenon where used in different countries. Contracters made this product cheaper locally. Bodybuilders know the mythical names like Karachi Sustanon (made by Abbot laboratories) and NILE Sustanon from Egypt. They made the exact formulation and quality that the original company(called license holder) used as standard and They where also allowed to use the brandname.

On the other hand when a certain product no longer has a license, by example because the original license holder makes not enough profit/sales and doesn't prolong his rigistration, a generic product hits the market. A generic product is an exact copy of the original product but without a registrated brandname and for 99% (much) cheaper. An example again: a shock went through the world when Pfizer launched Viagra®. Its a very cheap product containing sildenafil. But Pfizer sold it very expensive through medical chanals and made billions. Of course knock-offs where available mostly made in India and China, but Pfizer hunted everyone that came between them and the big money.

Not every pharmaceutical company makes its own product. Sometimes companies sell pharmaceutical products but don’t produce it. Again an example. Let us take Norma Hellas Deca. Deca Durabolin is a productname from Organon for the active ingredient nandrolone decanoate. Bodybuilders abbrivated it to “Deca” and the Greek product to Norma Deca.

In my article in Body of Science I reveiled some little known secrets to the rearder. Now that everyone knew Norma Hellas was using a contracter ( an other company that manufactures a licensed product under a contract). The small blue 2 ml vial remained very popular. No-one questioned the quality or concidderd it a counterfeit. It was also conciddered human grade quality.

Now we will shed some light on a fenomenen from India called contracting under number. Maybe its not really wise to even talk about it to much with all those idiots in the White House with their war on drugs – war on steroids - war against their own population (Prism) etc etc

Barack you fool, do you know how many children go to school with an empty stomach in your own country? Still you waste so much money on nonsense, let people smoke some pot and use some muscle enhancers and use some slimmers, shame on you!!

Above a bulkproduction made in India and sent to the USA to be sold under a US brandname. This to show the reader its not only related to AAS but done with eyedrops -creams and in this case Asperin.

We have seen many companies comming and going that in fact didn’t produce their own products. These products come like human grade products. They are in nice 1 ml ampoulles, with trays, leaflets and  boxes. 10 boxes sealed together with crimpfoil. Exactly like real pharmaceutical companies. BUT..they sell human grade approved products like Testosterone Enanthate USP but also veterinairy products like Boldenone Undecylenate and Trenbolone Enanathate.

Some of these companies like Asia Pharma are at war with the USA and I think Alpha Pharma is on the same list. In my time with Body of Science we used to call these companies from the grey area. They are not white (legal pharma companies) not black (underground laboratories) but companies that sell steroids made by legal pharmaceutical contracters. We analysed some of their products in analytical laboratories and confirmed their quality. Still it was impossible to track the contracters. Their name couldn’t be found on the box or leaflet let alone on the ampoulle (like Nile and Abbott).

Bodybuilders appreciate these companiers very much fort heir broad productrange and their constant quality. Thus what is going on? The companies themselves list on their boxes a number they list as MFG. Lic. No: GUJ/DRUGS/G-671. That is not correct. It is NOT a Manufacturing License Number.On the bodybuiding discussian boards you"ll find many guys looking in the PDF's from Indian departement of the pharmaceutical registery //  They then come the conclusian that it is false and thus underground. As you can see on the documents underneath it is completely legal. Its is even monitored by the World Health Organisation.